Ah, the holidays! Everybody loves them, or rather loves the first few days before mom starts lamenting over the lack of grandchildren and granddad attempts to convince you that a border wall is a viable strategy for this country. Then all you can think about is escaping to the faraway places.

Luckily, JetBlue is the company that gets people to the faraway places. Using the beloved holiday tradition of playing board games during the holidays, we came up with the game that allows one winner to get away as far as they wish to.

The release caused quite a stir. There was only 400 copies for the taking and the internet went wild. We partially crashed Amazon servers and the game sold out in literal seconds.

This project won 2x Film Craft Bronze and PR Shortlist at Cannes.
And a Shorty. Which is cool.

Concept: Ira Oksman & Mike Schneberg
ADs: Ira Oksman & Dan Pappas
CWs: Mike Schneberg & Patrick Regan
CDs: Amy Ferguson & Julia Neumann
Game Illustration: Invisible Creature
Agency: MullenLowe NYC
Director: Steve Miller