When it comes to fur, what you get from most people is:

When in reality, the situation is devastating. Respect For Animals is a small non-for-profit that fights the injustices of the fur industry. They asked us to come up with a campaign that would make people rethink fur. To further the challenge, most of the people buying fur are from Russia or China, so the campaign had to be truly international.

We decided to go the route of the most exposure: skinning animal emoji.

This International Animal Rights Day, every animal emoji will be replaced by its skinned counterpart for the full 24-hours with the generous help of Twitter, Google and Apple.

To tease the launch, we create a series of wild postings.

This project was created for
D&AD New Blood brief and won

Concept / AD: Ira Oksman Kantsurova
CW: Dan Greener
Guidance: Alex Sprouse