In German, youcanstringwordstogethertomakethemcrazylong.

So what do you do when your friends launch a Berlin-style Döner restaurant in Canada? You come up with fun new German words. Obviously.

Try saying it, it's fun.

Interestingly, "Üeberraschen" is a German verb "to surprise", and in English it sounds like you are in a rush. It all makes sense.

More words.

In addition to making a number of silly promotions, such as "say this super long word to get a discount on your doner" we also made them a pretty new website.

The results are - Erfolg! But it might be because the food is so damn good.


ADs: myself and Alex Sprouse
CWs: Jason Chau and Diana Mukhamadieva
Photography: Corynn Fowler
Illustrations: Meredith McRae