Respect for Animals is a small British non-for-profit which fights for animal welfare. And one of their most important missions is to fight the fur trade. The problem is, when it comes to fur here's how most people react:

We set out to burst everyones happy bubble with a simple insight: no matter where you live or what language do you speak, two things are universal: pictures and pain.

So this December 10th on the International Animal Rights Day, we'll partner up with the likes of Google, Apple or Twitter to change all animal emoji for the full 24 hours. This will allow people to unite across the globe in a unified cry
against the fur industry.

To tease out the campaign, we'll drop some hints on social media and in form of the wild postings.

AD: Ira Kantsurova
CW: Dan Greener
Guidance: Alex Sprouse

This project is originally for D&AD New Blood brief,
and it won Graphite Pencil.